Whistable Beach, Kent | Casual Family Shoot


This lovely family were looking to update their family photo albums and were looking for some professional photos to be taken now their Wolf Pack had grown to four!


With their very adorable latest addition to this young family, it was the perfect time to capture some memories for them all in the seaside town of Whitstable, a place very sentimental to this family...

Garden Casual Photoshoot | Billie's First Birthday


I absolutely love getting opportunities to photograph big milestones, so when this little cutie turned 1 I was very lucky to hang out with her and capture her happy first year of life.


As we all know babies can be a bit hit or miss with behaviour and their cuteness - and that's totally OK! We all grow up eventually. I was a right chubby little grump as a kid - and proud of it!

Well, meet Billie...