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Jill & Sasha | Dravuni Island, Fiji

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

'South Pacific Engagement Shoot'

It always helps when the subject of your photograph is beautiful and these 2 babes on a beautiful tropical beach really did make for an amazing photoshoot.

Jill and Sasha have a fantastic story of love, luck and fate. They both met back in 2017 as they were assigned to work together as part of a 10-man show cast for Holland America cruise lines. Jill is a fantastic singer all the way from FL, USA and Sasha is an incredible dancer from Belarus. A talented pair!

They were lucky enough to find each other from 2 opposite sides of the world, fall in love and then work and travel the world together at sea. So when they weren't singing or dancing in shows or rehearsals they had dates on tropical beaches across the world. Amazing, right!

Sasha popped the question to Jill in the wonderful city of Sydney earlier in the year and they are since going through the process of settling in the USA to start their wonderful new "land life" together.

I am so very lucky to have met this wonderful couple who are such genuinely kind and decent people. I am a sucker for any love story but especially when it includes the crazy chance of fate. It is so wonderful that these 2 people were assigned to the same cruise ship and were able to have this amazing beginning to a very long love story.

My engagement shoot with Jill & Sasha was so much fun, we managed to find a quiet spot along the beach and take a bunch of stunning portraits before cracking open a coconut and having a cool off in the sea.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness together and hope to see them again some day, somewhere!

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