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Garden Photoshoot | Billie's First Birthday

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

'Baby Billie's Casual Photoshoot'

I absolutely love getting opportunities to photograph big milestones, so when this little cutie turned 1 I was very lucky to hang out with her and capture her happy first year of life.

As we all know babies can be a bit hit or miss with behaviour and their cuteness - and that's totally OK! We all grow up eventually. I was a right chubby little grump as a kid - and proud of it!

Well, meet Billie...

This little bundle of joy is one of those DREAM BABIES who just ticks all the boxes.

Billie is a very blessed little lady surrounded by love, she is lucky enough to live with her mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, an auntie, 2 cats and 4 dogs!! And boy, does her happiness show! Billie adores her pets and I'm pretty sure she is being half raised by those doggos.

Shooting Billie was a treat, we had her in the garden playing with her toys, searching for the cats and being chased (occasionally knocked down) by the dogs. I only wish that a photograph could also capture a giggle. Garden photoshoots in your own home are perfect for kids, for some young ones being in their home environment keeps them relaxed and happiest. It gives me the great opportunity to come into your home and take some candid shots which always results in some beautiful natural photography.

Outdoor spaces such as local parks, open fields, wooded areas or beaches are other great location examples to get some beautiful, natural, outdoor candid photography.

Billie was such a delight to work with, a truly beautiful kid with a contagious laugh and I loved getting to create some memories for her family. Happy Birthday kiddo!

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