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Updated: Nov 16

'Featuring 1 cheeky monkey'

This lovely family were looking to update their family photo albums and were looking for some professional photos to be taken now their Wolf Pack had grown to four!

With their very adorable latest addition to this young family, it was the perfect time to capture some memories for them all in the seaside town of Whitstable, a place very sentimental to this family. Whitstable is such a beautiful town full of personality and the beach huts offer so much colour and variation which makes for perfect setting for photo opportunities, just like this colourful, fun family​.

Jamie is just 2 years old and the cheekiest little fella I have ever met.

He really loved the beach environment and when he didn't feel like smiling for a minute and decided there was plenty of better distractions around him he opted to running around the beach, splashing in the low tide or throwing pebbles (only a couple aimed at me!) but all the time perfect for creating family photos.

This was my first photoshoot of the summer since lockdown and we were easily able to ensure current social distancing rules were respected at all times.

Overall, a great morning of photos and high toddler energy! It was a privilege to be chosen to capture some early memories for this lovely family of four.

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