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Photographing Pitcairn Island

Hi, i'm Meg...

...originally from England, U.K, now living in Pasadena, CA.

I've been incredibly lucky enough to spend 6 years of my career traveling the world whilst leading a team of photographers - this has completely developed my passion for all things travel, people and photography.


I've had the chance to photograph people in over 90 countries from the deserts of Jordan to the icebergs in Antarctica and the life experiences and photography skills learned along the way have been absolutely priceless. Now being happily married to a wonderful Californian, I am proud to be able to offer my photo services across Pasadena and the wider Los Angeles area.

For my photography style I like to keep things simple and casual when shooting, as I find it always produces the best results whilst with the least stress. But I also really like to have fun! The more fun you have, the more natural those smiles are going to be. Fact!

If you do find yourself a little awkward in front of a camera, then don't you worry, I'm not going to force any uncomfortable poses on you and the whole experience can be as casual as you like.

If it's organisation you prefer, I can absolutely help you make a photo plan for your day. Or if you'd rather me stay in the background then you'll be happy to know I can blend right in and might make you forget I'm even there. My number 1 priority is that everyone goes home happy.

If you have any questions about my services then please do get in touch by dropping me a message. I'd love to hear more about you and exactly what you are looking for!

You can catch me on the 'gram...

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