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Abby & Nate | Backyard Wedding in Los Angeles

'Full Day Wedding Photoshoot'

Bridesmaid Preparation Photography

Meet Abby and Nate! The original and the new Mr & Mrs Smith.

FUN FACT: Abby was already a Smith before she married Nate! (and no they aren't related!)

It was clearly destiny that Abby was meant to be with Nate, and this for sure made her life easier after getting wed with no decision nor need to change her name after. How cool!

Abby and her Bridesmaids were heroic in serving up a breakfast of Whiskey shots à la carte!

Meanwhile, Nate and his Groomsmen were busy getting fly as can be before wedding time!

Scroll down to see the photo of Nate's reaction to their first look down the aisle!

I absolutely love it when a couple decide to get married in a family home, already full of memories!

After this fantastic wedding day with all their friends and family, their home is now, undoubtedly, filled with even more special memories! They partied into the night and we were able to take some beautiful sunset photos to recreate the photos from their earlier special engagement shoot.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Smith for having me capture your very special day!

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