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Cat & Jake | Engagement Photos in Glendora

'Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot'

So, this photoshoot was especially close to my heart because I got the honour to photograph my BROTHER-IN-LAW and his new fiancée!

Meet Jake & Cat! After their friendship blossomed into romance it was such a delight to the whole family that these two dropped the amazing news! Both born and raised in California but currently living in Boston they were able to make a special trip back to California to go in search of their dream wedding venue and make time for some beautiful engagement photos - and I was lucky enough to be invited to both!

Before the photoshoot Cat and Jake had both told me they were 'awkward in photos' and needed 'help with posing'. These are things I hear a lot from those on a first time photoshoot - yet these photos tell me something else! The love between these 2 was so present and their images show nothing but luuuuurve!

They had previously searched some couple pose ideas they both liked on Pinterest (like this cute af post on the left) so we were able to recreate exactly this for them. The rest of our time was just a simple, beautiful and natural photoshoot as they sat, chatted, laughed and smooched a wee bit so I could capture them in their most natural form. To their surprise little to no posing was needed!

Our photoshoot together took place in Finkbiner Park, Glendora and Colby Trail also found in Glendora, CA.

It was such a great time photographing this wonderful couple and I am so lucky to call these guys family! Congratulations CAKE! Bring on the big day in 2022!

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