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Cameron & Gianni | A Northampton Wedding

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

'The uninvited wedding guest'

Black cat crosses the path of newly wedded couple

It was such an honour being part of this special day for this beautiful pair of people surrounded by all their fantastic friends and family. The suits were pink, the gin bar was open and the dance floor was nonstop - seriously, what's not to love?!

My unforgettable moment of the day was when this sneaky black kitty came out of nowhere and walked out in front of Gian & Cam, literally moments after they said 'I Do" desperately trying to steal their limelight. Don't worry, I reckon this actually brings good luck! Man, I just love cats!

#GianCamWedding #DodmoorHouse #WeddingPhotography #RealMenWearPink


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